minor label discography / minor031-minor040
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minor036 minor036
The Tobacconists - streetlight.
12inch, lim.200

a1 king tiger
a2 the smart money
a3 den of thieves
a4 streetlight
b1 solitaire syndrome
b2 a visit to the doctor
b3 hidden
b4 everything as to end

minor035 minor035 / m+e011
Meier & Erdmann - howler monkey.
12inch, lim.250

a1 wald wasch
a2 mech pilot
a3 torres
a4 howler monkey
b1 cornish hospitality
b2 strom
b3 vopmok
b4 cornish hospitality reprise

===> [teaser]
(1min of each track in one file, 7min., 192kbps)

minor034 minor034
Koichi Kimbara - kill dry.
12inch, lim.100

a1 sub (version)
a2 Hi-soft
b1 kill dry
b2 melting

===> [teaser]
(1min of each track in one file, 6min., 192kbps)

minor033 minor033
DYL - concept ep.
12inch, lim.200

a1 concept 1 ____5:11
a2 irrational ___5:11
a3 x05510 _______5:11
b1 concept 2 ____5:11
b2 rational _____5:11
b3 x05150 _______5:11

minor032 minor032/lt_0003
PS Stamps Back vs. Anal Vissi:
homefucking is killing prostitution [RE]
12inch LP, lim.200

a1_the blob fucker
a2_broke musicians of the world unite
a3_bowel movements in a lounge bar
a4_copy protection is killing music
a5_one euro in my pocket and a laptop on my back
b1_ce ci n'est pas un atomit
b2_michael moore's fat ass
b3_priests fuck little boys!
b4_better unemployed than artist

minor031 minor031
Yvat / Tlic: yvatlic.
deep yellow 12inch vinyl, lim.200

a1_yvat - retroflection (full)
a2_yvat - shades of white
b1_tlic - digital kautschuk
b2_tlic - homeo sapiens

minor037 minor037