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minor026 minor026
Boiled Rice & Mobbing Christel:
europe must be the place. cdr. lim.100

o1 soviet power
o2 hate
o3 utopia
o4 industrial is dead
o5 just for you
o6 three of two
o7 we don't care
o8 in your face
o9 lightbulb
1o in thte name of god
11 we are reminded
12 mindfields
13 two things (noodle slurping remix)
14 industrial is dead (token code remix)

minor025 minor025
Yvat: collider 12inch, white vinyl. lim.150

a1 collider
a2 paralax
a3 shear
b1 overtone
b2 kaons
b3 shelf edge

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minor024 minor024
Andrew Oudot: crystallization. cd.

_01 signs of calibration
_02 dynamic opacity
_03 residual references
_04 location balancing
_05 nominal intrusion
_06 The Variables
_07 guideline of stability
_08 halo-prism-halo
_09 aspect of freedom

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minor023 minor023
minority (v.a.) cd.

01 orchha - ran of kutch
02 0rion sleeps
03 k.o.t - t.o.k (reflex 11)
04 triPhaze - nebelboote
05 sound_00 - dub_autoplate_2
06 lxc - studendenfutter (oh zwei)
07 mr.x & mr.t - feldforschung
08 floppy - miii
09 tlic - onyan
10 ps stamps back - failure
11 jakin boaz - dister
12 the tleilaxu music machine - expectorant
13 myna - brochas
14 yvat - violet
15 tremor - give us 2 min. to toast your brain
16 orchha - amrit sar

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minor022 minor022
black hole volume 1 electro (v.a.) cd.

heidimaschine - intro x
nootoon - stranger
dotcom - pocket mountain
edk - miniphone
human at home - t say it
betriebsdruck - checksum
squear - escape from the past
melanie flug - recovery
heidimaschine - x
tumult - frei von laeusen
mafinn - morschen
buddybolsbutchers - kyrillkill
leshrac - struller
floopy - freezy
heidimaschine - outro x

minor021 minor021/blackorchid059/ambsine
Re-Drum/Rattus: inhalation. cdr. lim.165.

two leaps
minor020 minor020
yvat : oar. 3" cdr. special packing. lim.100.

a. oar
b. slusher
c. adrift
d. lash
e. leer

_by black moon
_audio by yvat

minor019 minor019
dubbling crack monster: super famous. cdr. lim.150.

blue jeans babe
oh brother, it's crazy
my lady original
cut so long
ponnie original
little fighter
forward - leave me - backward
flowers and trees
when you scream
minor018 minor018
repetition/distract: not even in sleep. cdr

films of changing light & hue
black moss glove
fake it like a man
i delta slept this whole summer through
pillow fort
ghosts in your train
minor017 minor017
sound_00: flower ep. 3"cdr.

minor016 minor016
chaim nepulu: the holy virgin. cdr.

wonder in heaven________o1
kill kill_______________o2
leise Schritte__________o3
minimal surreal_________o4
friday is a nice day____o7
kosmus novum____________1o
luna part III___________12
minor015 minor015/lt_0001
ergonomic noise organism: space organism. cdr.
re-release of pestbeat's 015 (r.i.p.)


minor014 minor014
A-Core cdr.

death sitcom - mr.t ate my balls
hasengruppe - a-themes under pressure
mimaku spldat - a-time!!!
bernd spring - the a-tv shit mix
society suckers - sounds like another setup
apraphulischer makrocomputer - a-sozial
pork four - nomözi-afpfombe
fragment king - faceman schismogenesis
sinebag - laid In flying pans
herr weber - verschollen in connewitz
tlic - the heroes are gone the friends will follow
skeft - skeftige ba-mix
kid kozmoe - die freude am maschinengewehr putzen
rdr - a-hardbreaks remix
e.stonji - a.treat rmx
brother b! - b!team
tremor - nunina - gaffa gaffa hey
matt demmon - the flight of baracus
dr.combat - hannibal holocaust
lxxxc - ich liebe es, wenn der funk explodiert!
wipeout - soldiers of fortune
mr.X & mr.T - industrial hippies never ask why

minor013 minor013
myna: weltentänzer. cdr, lim. 60.
extra: handmade philosophy-riddle.

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minor012 minor012
mandragora: frost session. c-90tape, lim. 51.


lxxxc/tlic split. 7" vinyl, lim. 300.

alphacute000 lxxxc

4 lil bits
prick up
crowd complain alert

minor011 tlic: reflect

dying in rooms

minor009 minor009
tleilaxu music machine: a flow of code. cdr.
machine sewn envelope.

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minor008 minor008
myna: schauspiel des lebens. cdr, lim. 60.
handmade picture book.

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minor007 minor007/pestbeat014 (r.i.p.)
Maschinenpark II - Compilation. cdr.

++ permanence of pain - cold blooded
++ 0rion - worte
++ every kid on speed - untitled_04
++ raum 101 - the room
++ platzregen - meskalin
++ traumschwinge - des vaters...
++ gelbkreuz - körperverwertung (disziv.rmx)
++ sindrome - the revolt
++ sadism unbound - maschinenkammer
++ myna - suma
++ p.o.t- - infernal beast summoning
++ malum komitee - wehrtechnik
++ sound_00 - sector_07

minor006 minor006
myna: kreislicht. cdr, lim. 60.
handmade art-booklet

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minor005 minor005
0rion: weg. 3"cdr, lim. 152.

Jiu Oh Zhou
Weg und Stille

minor004 minor004
ixtab: vier spuren. cdr, lim. 100.

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minor003 minor003
traumschwinge: naumburg ep. CDR
brown paper card envelope

01. Struktur des Wahnsinns.
02. Why is it?
03. Zeitvibration.
04. Why is it? (doubting dance rmx).
05. i hate the past.

Moral. Scheitern.

minor002 minor002
0rion: 0rion. CDR, lim. 107.

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ixtab/traumschwinge split. 12" vinyl, lim. 200.
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minor001 ixtab: die einfache form

a1_tomorrow never shows (nrvs shrtct)
a2_indufunk (paingroove rmx)
a3_ein leben lang (extreme short version)
a5_LAICHNAM november (ixtab rmx)

minor001 traumschwinge: verhängnis des daseins

b1_call of the unborn
b2_it was born in 85